Anti-aging and longevity with NAD therapy.

Being proactive about her health, Pat decided to try NAD therapy for its anti-aging and longevity benefits.

Right away she noticed her vision improved and she felt ‘awakened’ from a deep sleep. Pat also noticed an increase in energy and even started cooking again.

“Everything I do, I do with a little more joy… [NAD therapy] is the best decision I’ve made in a long time,” said Pat about her experience with NAD therapy.

There are numerous therapeutic benefits from NAD+ therapy for anti aging.

One important benefit from replenishing cells with NAD+ is the activation of restorative enzymes involved with cell repair functions.

Video Transcription:


I’m padding Golia from Sacramento

California I’m at an age where not only

myself but my friends are experiencing

aging not only memory or or energy wise

and immune system health-wise were

starting to question our our aging

processes and so I thought that I would

try an ad to see how how I would benefit

from it

my health is generally pretty good so I

was slowing down a little bit and so if

I could continue to do all the wonderful

things that there are out there to do

with a little bit of help and I’m

willing to to give it a go what

interested me and nad was how successful

it has been for others that have used

the program from the very first day I

noticed first of all the visual benefit

the world seemed brighter clearer there

seemed to be more perspective and

perception and I was more aware and that

happens after the first day of the

session when I at home I found that I

would just sort of had an awakening my

experience is seeing more rich I was

more interested in the environment more

interested in what was going on in the


people’s conversations seemed more

important to me to listen my senses were

greater food tasted better it was just

an amazing experience just all my

experiences from then on see new things

like I had just woken up and woken from

deep sleep the reading has become easier

you know I want to absorb knowledge so

I’ve been reading more books with more

interest not scanning but I really


on a higher level and absorb information

and retain information I feel like I’m

more alive I’m more part a part of

what’s going on now the world a little

bit more before it was you know if I

didn’t have quite the interest because I

think of the aging process

the NAD enhanced all of my activities

whether it was physical you know with

the golf or with with the bridge the

focus I think the focus I was able to

focus more on what I was doing with all

the new energy level I sleep very well

now because I’m doing more things

they’re more active when I do hit the

hay and how the immune system I think

it’s the biggest my immune system seems

to be stronger but my cranial therapist

said that she felt my hormones kicked in

she said that my body was talking to

each other that it was talking much more

to each other and she felt that a huge

difference in my energy level and she

says the creating no failure so she

noticed that and again she felt that the

immune system she could tell that the

body was healing itself

I even returned to cooking which I

wasn’t cooking before last year all of a

sudden I’m in the kitchen that I’m

creating I just want to do I did this I

just want to do more things and and the

energy level is there to do it so I was

really surprised everything I do I do

with a little more joy life has been

more fun just smell hearing taste

everything seems to be 40 years old

again 30 40 years old again I’m very

About NAD+ Treatment Center:

The NAD+ Treatment Center Detox Method is a state of the Art Treatment for Drug Addiction Recovery. This Specialized Detox Method helps to diminish the effects of addiction and substance abuse on the brain and naturally restores proper brain function.

We believe intravenous NAD+ is the most effective first step in treating drug addiction and alcohol dependence. Patients report little to no withdrawal symptoms when going through detox from opiates and alcohol. Following treatment, patients generally report a reduction in cravings, increased energy, and improved mood.

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